Demonstrators rally in support of Palestinians in front of the Israeli embassy in Washington, DC on October 18, 2023. Joe Biden on October 18, 2023 delivered full US backing for Israel in person, on a solidarity visit in which he blamed Islamist militants for a deadly rocket strike on a Gaza hospital and announced the resumption of urgent aid to the besieged Palestinian enclave. (Photo by MANDEL NGAN/AFP via Getty Images)

Earlier this week, Prism reported on protests across the country in the fight against Palestinian genocide, the end to the Israeli occupation of Palestine, and the U.S. government funding to the occupying state. Yesterday, police arrested more than 500 Jewish activists and allies during a sit-in at the U.S. Congress in Washington, DC, as student walk-outs and protests for Palestinian liberation took place across the nation. [Editor’s note: Police and law enforcement arrested a Prism staff member who was a part of the protests in Washington, DC, on Tuesday, alongside other activists .] 

Thirteen days into the ongoing Israeli apartheid state’s continuous bombing of Gaza, villages in Southern Lebanon, and passages leading into Egypt, more than 2 million Gazans are trapped without food, water, electricity, or medical supplies. Israeli military strikes have wiped entire families from the Gazan Civil Registry, killed journalists, and decimated designated sanctuaries like hospitals, UN supplies shelters, and schools, killing staff, families, and civilians. The UN has called this “staggering,” and says that “there are daily indications of violations of the laws of war and international human rights law.”

Here, the U.S. vetoed a UN Security Council resolution calling for a humanitarian pause in Gaza. President Biden is expected to seek $100 billion from Congress, with funds to help arm Israel. 

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