At Prism, we believe that justice requires the full story.

When Prism was established in 2019, it was because we knew that the status quo media landscape wasn’t reflecting enough of the truth—and it wasn’t bringing us closer to our vision of collective liberation and justice. We saw a different path forward, one that we could forge by disrupting and dismantling toxic narratives, uncovering the hard truths of injustice alongside the people experiencing the acute impacts of injustice, and providing a platform for people of color to tell their own stories, and those of their communities.


Through in-depth and thought-provoking journalism, Prism reflects the lived experiences of people most impacted by injustice. As an independent and nonprofit newsroom led by journalists of color, we tell stories from the ground up: to disrupt harmful narratives, and to inform movements for justice.


Our vision is collective liberation and justice for people and communities who are historically oppressed.

At Prism, our journalists are developing a full and accurate record of what’s happening in our communities and systems—developed alongside people on the frontlines of injustice. Our work is in pursuit of collective power and justice for people and communities who are most often left out of mainstream news coverage, with stories that impact lasting social, culture, and systems change.


Truth. Through original reporting and analysis and by going directly to those living on the frontlines of injustice, we reveal underreported angles, dismantle harmful narratives, and uncover the truth—of both the injustices, and the pathways to a more just future.

Trust. We are grounded in trust with the communities we report on and alongside. Our approach to journalism is centered on relationships, where respect for one another’s stories, lived experiences, and perspectives is at the root of every connection we form, and every story we tell.

Collective Power. As truth tellers and justice seekers, we are interdependent on one another as we pursue our vision of a truly just democracy, and we believe that working in coalition makes our work stronger. We co-create meaningful partnerships with journalists, communities, other newsrooms and organizations, and leaders.

Disruption. We shift perspectives and reframe issues to get at the heart of injustice and to activate readers around solutions. We work alongside communities and partners to disrupt toxic narratives perpetuated by the mainstream media, modeling a new approach for journalism.

Impact. We believe in the power of fearless, accurate reporting to change the course of history.