Collective liberation requires collective action.

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What being a student organizer taught me about the need for police abolition

People often treat university students as if they live in a bubble sheltered from the realities of the outside world. But the university is not a bubble. It is a microcosm of our society where so many of the same kinds of violence occur, such as increasing corporatization, gentrification, and militarism. The growing presence of […]

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American Bar Association’s resolution opposes criminalization of abortion or miscarriage

The nation’s largest and oldest organization for legal professionals is taking a stand against the criminalization of pregnancy-related circumstances, including self-managed abortion. Advocates say this is a significant step in the effort to decriminalize the reproductive lives of low-income people of color. The American Bar Association (ABA) has adopted a resolution opposing the criminal prosecution […]

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Cisnormativity in health care has a negative impact on gender-diverse people

Hess Stinson described their experiences of childbirth as overwhelming, not just because of the pain, but having to tolerate the crude sexual jokes made by doctors and nurses that were based in cisheteronormativity, with which Stinson does not identify. As a Black queer nonbinary mother, Stinson reflects on never having space made for them to […]

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A San Diego artist pays homage to community empowerment with new digital art series

In 2021, amid a sea of various social movements, civil unrest, and uncertainty, political discourse is perhaps the most partisan and divided it has ever been in modern U.S. history. In a moment where racial tensions reached a critical boiling point, contemporary artists have once again shown themselves not only to be speakers of truth […]

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Organizers meet with Philadelphia School Board over sanctuary schools plan

On Thursday, members of the Philadelphia School Board met with Juntos, a South Philadelphia-based Latinx immigrant organization, to discuss the possible implementation of a new resolution aimed at limiting ICE and police involvement in public schools. The meeting came after a Monday press conference held by Juntos on the steps of the School District of […]

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Black women speak out to destigmatize infertility, miscarriage, and IVF

When Dr. K.C. Burlison decided to build a family with her husband, she never expected her journey to become a mother would be a years-long, emotionally, physically, and financially draining process. Burlison, a college professor in the St. Louis metro area, was diagnosed with uterine fibroids in 2006 and had surgery to remove them. Around […]

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Washington fruit packing workers fight for higher pay, benefits, and better working conditions

The fruit packing workers of Allan Brothers Fruit Inc. officially launched their strike on May 7, 2020. With the help of Community 2 Community Development (C2C), a food justice nonprofit organization based in Bellingham, Washington, and Familias Unidas por la Justicia (FUJ) an independent farmworkers union, strikers stood right outside the production line where for […]

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‘Defund the police’ is not a slogan. It’s a demand

In Houston, there is a major disconnect between the mayor, the city council, and their constituents when it comes to the matter of policing. After months of collective protesting, public hearings, and advocacy work from Houstonians organizing around divesting from the police and reinvesting back into our communities, Mayor Sylvester Turner announced that $4.1 million […]