Collective liberation requires collective action.

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Power outages affected millions of Texans, but Black and brown people have been hit the hardest

Even before the power went out, Rivi Mitchell was struggling. She’d lost work because of the pandemic—like many professional Black nannies in Texas—and struggled with health issues like sickle cell anemia, diabetes, and asthma. The 56-year-old sleeps with the aid of a machine, but suddenly in the middle of the night without warning, she had […]

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Q&A: Slowing down, sitting in silence, and practicing self-care has never been more important

If the past year has taught us anything, it’s that the need to extend our understanding of self-care and self-preservation are imperative. Since the pandemic began, honest discussions have been taking place and resources are increasingly being shared to incorporate wellness in ways that are actually helpful and realistic. It has been shocking to come […]

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Q&A: Two women could make history as the first Black woman DA and sheriff in Alameda County

Recent election cycles have seen a surge in the number of women, particularly women of color, running for elected office. Now, months after the highly anticipated 2020 election came to a close, two women have already their eyes set on two major elected positions in their county—and if they’re elected, they could make history. JoAnn […]

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Beyond disaster relief, these Texas mutual aid networks are meeting people’s long-term needs

In the midst of the cascading catastrophes caused by the snowstorm that hit the South in mid-February, people across the country have been turning to mutual aid networks to offer support to hard-hit communities in Texas, Mississippi, Oklahoma, and Tennessee. Over 4 million Texans lost power and more than 70 deaths have been attributed to […]

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Black girls are vulnerable to police violence, too. Is anyone giving them ‘the talk’?

In January, a video of police officers pepper spraying and arresting a 9-year-old Black girl in Rochester, New York, became the latest in a long line of viral videos and tragic cases of Black children being victimized by police violence. Black parents and families have long tried to mitigate their children’s’ risk of violent encounters […]

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Program allows low-wage healthcare workers of color to obtain better paying union jobs

 In part one of this series, hear directly from Daniel Bustillo, the executive direction of the Healthcare Career Advancement Program that is working to dismantle institutional barriers for Black and brown healthcare workers.  In 2020, at the age of 49, Trinidad Garcia de Ochoa went back to school—sort of. At the time, she was a […]

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Q&A: The healthcare industry is segregated. Here’s how one organization is trying to change that

There are few industries as rife with inequity and occupational segregation as health care, where 79% of workers in low-wage health services jobs are women and more specifically, Black women, Latinas, and immigrants. These entry-level healthcare workers are paid poverty wages and are ineligible for benefits, including paid sick leave. One organization is trying to […]

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Music artists of multifaceted identities are in a unique position

The music industry is a world of headlines, four sentence bios, and elevator pitches. Meanwhile, American society at large is one of separation, boxes, and choosing sides. Taken together, that means existing as a musician with an intersectional identity can be a challenging experience. As a New York City-raised folk/Americana artist of Native American, Mexican, […]