Collective liberation requires collective action.

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For Way to Win’s Tory Gavito, quality candidates, multiculturalism are key to Democratic victories

Tory Gavito isn’t afraid to play the long game. As co-founder and president of Way to Win, a California-based network of progressive donors and strategists, Gavito spends a majority of her time collaborating with community organizations around the country to gather funding for local, statewide, and national elections. The strategies she implements as she works […]

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As she works to expand voting power, Nse Ufot brings art and culture to voting rights activism

As executive director of the New Georgia Project, Nse Ufot is making remarkable strides in reshaping the political landscape in Georgia. She oversees NGP’s efforts to expand the voting power and political influence of black, Asian, and Latinx people by registering each of the 800,000 unregistered voters of color across the state. The success of […]

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Tram Nguyen doubles down on women of color seeking office in Virginia, blazing a trail for 2020

This is the first of a series by Aimee Allison on top political strategists who are leading America toward a new progressive political and cultural era. Tram Nguyen knows what it takes to win in swing state Virginia, and that Tuesday’s primary was a litmus test for Democrats in the state and the nation. Two […]

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Aimee Allison is putting women of color front and center in the nation’s politics

Aimee Allison believes in living her politics and standing up for courageous, moral leadership. Speak with her for just a few minutes and it’s clear that she practices those same principles with a very clear goal in mind—elevating women of color to their rightful place in the American democracy. “This is more than about politics […]

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All the president’s white men: A call for honesty in the electability debate

Language is powerful, and opinion makers know it. Case in point: the way pundits use supposedly value-neutral words like “electability” and “viability” to handicap our Democratic presidential primary candidates. They have become buzzwords of the moment, thrown around to establish legitimacy and enforce inevitability. But what do pundits, insiders, and the media really mean when […]

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Maurice Mitchell wants you to do more than vote

Maurice Mitchell mesmerizes: He’s got that rare ability to weave big concepts together simply, often by discarding preconceptions. “Voting is one tactic,” Mitchell tells me. I’d asked him about voting rights. Every vote matters—each is amplified in significance, in fact, given trends in voting and barriers to the polls—but “when we say ‘democracy,’ we don’t […]

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Prism’s mission: Forging a more reflective path in the news, with diverse leaders at the helm

Journalist and author Issac J. Bailey penned a compelling essay for Nieman Reports late last year chronicling his experiences as a black journalist in an industry “with a horrific track record on racial diversity.” His essay didn’t just hang on the sense of isolation he and other journalists of color often feel in overwhelmingly white newsrooms; […]