Collective liberation requires collective action.

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Alabama prison system requires bold action, not reform

State-sanctioned violence is oftentimes met with the people’s response, and in return, the people’s response is met with swift action from the state—often violence. That’s how the world of politics gets to operate with its own rules of physics. In the 1980s, President Ronald Reagan launched the federal government’s attempt to curb activity viewed by […]

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Formerly incarcerated people want a voice in the Biden administration

Just Leadership USA (JLUSA), a national nonprofit led by formerly incarcerated leaders dedicated to decarceration, released their 2021-2024 Roadmap in March. The roadmap is a set of immediate, mid-term, and long-term criminal justice policy recommendations for the Biden administration that come in the form of executive actions, administrative rules and regulations, legislative recommendations, and constitutional […]

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Last year taught BIPOC what we’re capable of accomplishing

We won. We organized our communities, got out the vote, and showed up to make our voices heard in a collective effort to defeat President Donald J. Trump and the racist ideologies that have continued to dominate America since its establishment provided the foundation for various forms of systemic racism, police brutality, racial injustice, and […]

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Children’s book helps kids navigate confusing feelings around police violence

The racial justice uprisings last spring and summer had an impactful rippling effect that is still felt today. Many parents grappled with how or when to best explain what was happening to their young children, but a new children’s picture book could offer some insight to help children navigate some of those confusing feelings. We […]

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Indian American youth discuss how the farmers’ protests in India impact the U.S.

As the world’s largest democracy and one of the fastest growing trillion-dollar economies globally, India is a key player on the international stage. Although the country has been in the spotlight before due to controversial policies, the recent backlash to three agriculture bills passed in September 2020 have garnered unprecedented media coverage. These laws were […]

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Federal law enforcement agencies fail to provide adequate care to pregnant people

Lawmakers and legal advocates sometimes cannot confirm how many pregnant people are in custody at any given time, and obtaining information about the care that incarcerated pregnant people receive is an overwhelming challenge. A government watchdog is now shedding light on these issues and reporting that federal law enforcement agencies fail to adhere to national […]

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Job security for women of color is a different kind of pandemic

The past 12 months of the global pandemic has led to entire industries shutting down, shifting, downsizing, and otherwise attempting to adapt to different expectations and protocols. While there are many different studies that highlight the issue of job security for women during the pandemic, the numbers overwhelmingly show a much starker reality for women […]

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What a real love letter to abortion care providers would say

Our clinics, like many others around the country, receives a card decorated with red hearts professing faux concern for abortion clinic workers. Every few weeks the cards come from anti-abortionists who want to “love an abortion care worker out of the industry.” While these “anti-abortion” cards don’t include physical threats—and even claim to care about […]

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What being a student organizer taught me about the need for police abolition

People often treat university students as if they live in a bubble sheltered from the realities of the outside world. But the university is not a bubble. It is a microcosm of our society where so many of the same kinds of violence occur, such as increasing corporatization, gentrification, and militarism. The growing presence of […]