The Power of a Prism Story

In 2021, Prism’s journalism shined a critical light on reproductive injustice in
immigration, uplifted visions of safety without policing, dived deep into the racial
reckoning that’s roiling the education world, and armed readers with the tools to
fight for justice in their own communities.


At a critical time for reproductive rights, health, and justice, Prism broke a story about reportedly toxic and discriminatory work culture at the Guttmacher Institute, sparking a wider discussion of conditions for BIPOC, caregivers, and disabled workers in the reproductive justice space.


Our reporting revealed how little has changed for immigrants and advocates under Biden’s presidency despite campaign promises to tend the abusive tactics of the Trump administration.

Service Journalism

To continue actively supporting the communities most impacted by the pandemic, we uncovered the scam of fake COVID-19 testing sites and how to spot them.

Solutions Journalism

Prism’s work is regularly featured by the Solutions Journalism Network, including stories on the way racially reflective literature improves literacy in schoolchildren, and how one state’s universal vote-by-mail system increased turnout in communities of color.


Through explainers, we detailed the impact of recent bans and barriers to reproductive justice for Indigenous people and offered readers food for thought on how unionization might affect their workplaces.