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Watch the recording of Disrupting Adoption Narratives!

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No more salvation narratives. No more narratives of gratitude. No more framing adoption as a “win-win.” No more white saviors. In this live conversation with adoptees for reproductive justice, we will question adoption as a system that is inextricably linked to family separations, settler colonialism, and white supremacy. 

Adoption justice is reproductive justice. Time and time again, the solution offered to anti-abortion efforts is adoption, yet we fail to center adoptees whose lived experiences and areas of expertise touch every injustice and systemic problem our movements face—including reproductive health, racial & immigration justice, climate disaster, education, and abolition. 

Building on Prism’s series, Adoptees Disrupting Adoption Narratives, join us for a live conversation with six adult adoptees—Tiffany HyeonBrooks, Mezekerta Tesfay, Nicole Eigbrett, Rachael Murphey, and Rev. T Sheri Dickerson—working toward reproductive justice.

The women of color featured in this conversation are not waiting for an invitation from the reproductive health and rights movement—they are already in conversation about how to carry this work forward.