digital collage on yellow background titled "We Owe You Nothing: A Conversation on Debt Abolition" with photographs of panelist speakers

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Amid resuming student loan payments and raising the debt ceiling, people are left to bear the undue burden of crushing debt. The false idea surrounding debt is that it is a personal failing. But debt, at its core, is a tool of power and financial extraction.

In this conversation, we’ll be exploring four different kinds of major debt: student loan debt, medical debt, carceral debt, and renters’ debt. Our goal is to shift the narrative around debt and break the false idea that “easy” money management advice and a bootstrap mentality are the only solutions to financial freedom.

Hear from Leonardo Vilchis-Zarate on renters’ debt, Manuel Galindo and Gabrielle Perry on carceral debt, and Lindsey Muniak on medical debt and the work of The Debt Collective, the country’s first debtors’ union organizing for debt cancellation and abolition.