orange banner that reads "Right to Write Project" overlaid on stamps and a print newspaper background

Prism’s Right to Write (R2W) project is an editorial initiative to work with incarcerated writers in the U.S. 

R2W is rooted in the legacy of BIPOC revolutionaries, writers, and reporters whose work from prison drew greater attention to what was happening behind bars and across the nation. As a journalism nonprofit dedicated to collective liberation and justice, it is important for Prism to keep piercing through the walls of oppression and uplifting the voices, narratives, and experiences of incarcerated people. 

The communities we report alongside are deeply affected by the Prison Industrial Complex and the anti-Blackness that is inherent to carceral politics in the U.S. R2W deepens our coverage by working directly with writers and reporters behind bars. 

Acting as a partner-publisher and destination for incarcerated reporters, writers, and the organizations and initiatives with whom they work, Prism’s R2W ensures that their voices are a consistent part of our editorial goals and coverage. R2W welcomes incarcerated writer perspectives across our verticals and coverage areas. You can find our published pieces here.

What we’re looking for: Personal essays, op-eds, features, reported news stories, or explainers. We accept pitches, complete drafts, and as-told-to pieces. All stories must be under 1,600 words.

Who can submit: We accept pitches/drafts from the currently or formerly incarcerated and proxy journalists, writers, organizations, and community members working with incarcerated writers.

Pay: Prism pays $0.50/word

Please pitch or submit to us by email: or to Prism’s P.O. Box

1423 Broadway #271
Oakland, CA 94612