A few dozen people demonstrate in front of the US Supreme Court in Washington, DC on Dec. 5, 2022 during the oral arguments in a case involving a suit filed by Lorie Smith, owner of 303 Creative, a website design company in Colorado who refuses to create websites for same-sex weddings despite a state anti-discrimination law. - The conservative-dominated US Supreme Court is to examine the question on Monday in a case that closely resembles one from just a few years ago, pitting religious liberty and free speech rights against anti-discrimination laws. (Photo by PEDRO UGARTE/AFP via Getty Images)

Continued homophobic and transphobic policy—stoked by Christofascist groups and politicians, and reinforced by the lack of substantial resistance from Democrats and other political leaders—has continued to increase harm and violence against LGBTQIA+ communities. Restricted access to gender-affirming healthcare and basic resources, like housing, disproportionately affect Black and brown LGBTQIA+ people. These too are forms of state-sanctioned violence, much like conservative attacks on safe havens and Drag Queen Story Hours. 

This year, Prism covered the intersections of LGBTQIA+ issues and racial justice, bodily autonomy, workers’ rights, immigration, and more. This reading list is a good place to start if you’re looking for often-overlooked context. More than that, these reported pieces will give you insight into the strategies that bloomed within queer and trans communities to address the needs of LGBTQIA+ communities that go unmet by existing social and political structures. 

Hate crimes are rising as anti-LGBTQIA+ legislation passes and misinformation thrives by Alexandra Martinez

Safe spaces are critical in helping LGBTQIA+ people thrive, but those spaces have recently been under attack

Gender-affirming care bans are cruel and hypocritical violations of children’s autonomy by Sherronda J. Brown

Bans on gender-affirming care for trans and nonbinary youth and forced medical interventions for intersex children are driven by the same Christofascist aim to eliminate queerness

The violence queer and trans people face is state-sanctioned by Lara Witt

The Colorado Springs shooting targeting an LGBTQIA+ club on Trans Day of Remembrance was stoked by the white supremacist, Christian-fascist right

Florida adds more homophobic censorship laws to ‘Don’t Say Gay’ suite of bills by Alexandra Martinez

The Florida Board of Education voted unanimously on new guidelines designed to threaten school districts and teachers that support LGBTQIA+-inclusive policies

You can’t keep good queens down by Tina Vasquez

Drag Queen Story Hour has come under attack during Pride month, but performers say they’re putting “glitter first, fear second”

‘I’ told you so: When health care policy started catching up to intersex justice by Amanda Saenz

Intersex advocates have seen a surge of support of their calls for compassionate and humane medical care. Health care institutions are finally starting to take note

Queer, non-nuclear, non-conformist: Family is what we make it by Sherronda J. Brown

Reimagining family means challenging how white colonial ideals have been used to define family throughout the colonized world

Without social safety nets, mutual aid is a lifeline for Black trans communities by Mondo Vaden

Mutual aid pages led by Black and brown trans people have helped redistribute vital resources to those who need it most

Supportive families help gender euphoria bloom by Janelle Salanga and Grace Deng

Whether biological or chosen, family is a crucial component of what helps affirm trans and genderqueer people of color

Book bans are the result of white fear of a changing world by George M. Johnson

Book bans are about more than removing books. They’re an attempt to remove our existence, and we must fight against them fervently

Organizers say ending trans detention is a matter of life and death by Tina Vasquez

The trans immigrant leaders behind the #NoPrideInDetention campaign have one focus: freeing trans migrants from ICE custody

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