WASHINGTON, DC - DEC. 08: Airport workers hold up signs during a press conference held by airport workers and members of SEIU to ask congress to pass the "Good Jobs for Good Airports Act" on Capitol Hill on Dec. 08, 2022 in Washington, DC. (Photo by Jemal Countess/Getty Images for SEIU)

In 2022, workers across the U.S. continued their fight for better working conditions through unionization efforts and worker-led initiatives. Support for labor unions in the U.S. is at a 57-year high, and while there have been record-high numbers of unionizing efforts, there has also been an increase in backlash against existing unions and union-busting. Beyond unionization, Prism covered stories focused on agricultural workers affected by increasing heat waves, what formerly incarcerated people need as returning citizens to the workforce, how disability justice is a crucial part of labor, and the ways migrant workers—many of them undocumented—are leading labor movements. This reading list is just a snippet of the worker’s rights coverage that we published in 2022, but it’s a good place to start if you’re looking to familiarize yourself with labor rights and its many intersections, including climate justice, racial justice, gender, and more. 

Trying to unionize despite union-busting efforts? Here’s what you should look out for by Sakshi Udavant

Unionizing your workplace can seem daunting in the face of union-busting, but there are ways to organize

Workers are not destroying progressive movements by Kaitlyn Ramirez Borysiewicz and Doris Quintanilla

The responsibility falls on leaders at progressive organizations to align the values of their work with the way they treat their workers

Formerly incarcerated workers’ needs must be included in workplace protections by Tamar Sarai

Formerly incarcerated workers aren’t just replacements filling staff shortages, they’re a legitimate part of the American workforce

Workers at Amy’s Kitchen are organizing after years of unsafe working conditions by Alexandra Martinez

OSHA has fined Amy’s Kitchen more than $100,000 for health and safety violations

Sex workers face unique challenges when trying to unionize by Adrie Rose

Anti-sex work stigma and labor status create roadblocks in sex workers’ fight against the industry status quo

Putting a face to a movement: Trader Joe’s unionization by Helen Li

Trader Joe’s workers have attempted different unionization strategies across stores but have been met with similar union-busting tactics

It’s past time to celebrate migrant-led labor organizing by Tina Vasquez

For decades, the labor movement has treated undocumented workers as “unorganizable.” Now these workers are doing some of the most innovative labor organizing in the U.S.

Ban the Box policies reduce job barriers for formerly incarcerated people by Tamar Sarai

Ban the Box and additional legislation can help formerly incarcerated people find material and personal fulfillment

Unlimited paid time off is a disability justice issue that needs to be taken seriously by K Agbebiyi

Workers deserve a culture that prioritizes disability justice and establishes unlimited paid time off

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